Pump Accessories

Accessories designed to augment the fuel systems with additional features required in pumping fuel from the tank when using the system as a refueling station.

3/4" Fuel Nozzle
6'x3/4" UL Fuel Hose
8'x3/4" UL Fuel Hose
Fuel Pump Control Panel
Dual Fuel Tank/ Pump Control Panel
Control Panel Bracket
EZ8RV Fuel Pump
EZ8RV-S Fuel Pump
EZ8RV Pump Assembly
EZ8RV-S Pump Assembly
40" Withdrawl w/ 1/2" Barb
15" Withdrawl w/ 1/2" Barb
Fuel Hose and Nozzle Compartment 18"x10.5"x5"
Fuel Hose and Nozzle Compartment 18"x10.5"x7"
Fuel Pump Assembly w/ Compartment Housing