1.) Where can I purchase my ECI fuel system?

NTP. Your local Cummins-Onan sales rep.  Integrated Fuel Systems.

2.) What materials are used to make your tanks?

Our fuel tanks are made from a 14 gauge aluminized steel.  Aluminization on the inside and outside of the tank prevents the metal from rusting.  The outside of the tank is then coated with UV protective black powder coating.

7.) Are your fuel systems compatible with E85 (ethanol gasoline)?

No.  All of our fuel systems are meant to be used with gasoline with no more than 15% ethanol (E-15).

8.) How do I properly install my fuel system?

Each fuel system will come with an installation guide to help you with the installation of your system.  For further help, you may contact ECI.

3.) Are all fuel systems CARB (California Air Resources Board) certified?

Yes.  ECI has certified all of its systems with CARB, and continues to renew the certifications, as well as adding new ones every year. If you do not see your particular engine/ generator listed, please contact ECI.

4.) Are all ECI fuel systems EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certified?

Yes.  ECI has certified all of its systems with EPA and they are legal to use in all 50 states. New certifications are being added throughout the year. If you do not see your particular engine/generator listed, please contact ECI.

5.) What additional accessories do I need to purchase with my fuel system to make it operational?

No extra accessories will need to be purchased to make your fuel system work. 

Extras, such as the fuel gauge, longer fuel hose, different style bezels, etc., may be purchased if desired but are not necessary to operate your fuel system.

9.) Are your fuel systems difficult to install?

All of the required parts are included with the fuel system.  The tanks come completely assembled.  The level of difficulty is dependent upon how and where the fuel system is located on the trailer or vehicle. Typically, these systems are not time consuming to install.


10.)  What is the warranty period on my fuel system?

Warranties on all fuel systems are two years from the date of purchase by the end user.  This entire product is warranted against defects in workmanship for a period of two years.

11.)  Who can service my fuel system if any repairs are required?

These fuel systems require no normal maintenance.  Should a part wear out or become damaged, most parts can be ordered.

12.)  Can a refueling station be added to your tanks?

Yes.  All fuel systems come with a second fuel port.  See refueling station installation instructions.

6.) Are your systems compatible with diesel fuel?

Most of our fuel systems are compatible with diesel fuel.  While we do offer many diesel fuel systems right out of the box, any of our gasoline systems can be converted to diesel with our diesel conversion kits.  You will find that we manufacture almost our entire line with a diesel compatible part number.