EZ8RV-S Fuel Pump Assembly

P/N: 5125

If you have a need for a 12v fuel pump with switch, we offer an entire fuel pump assembly complete with UL listed fuel hose and nozzle. This pump will come completely assembled ready for installation.  An alternate hose barb will come included with the pump assembly that must be installed on the fuel tank.


12v DC




Duty Cycle: 15 min on/ 30min off

Hazardous Locations Class I Group D

What's in the Box:

Fuel pump

Bracket (Installed on pump)

Pump Cable (Installed on pump)

1/2” Hose barb (Installed on pump)

4’ x 1/2” Fuel hose (Installed on pump)

1/2” Pinch Clamp

6’ x 3/4” UL listed hose

3/4” UL Nozzle

26” Withdraw Tube / 1/2” Hose Barb

Alternate Installation Bracket